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Zerowaste by Urb’n Nature Ettlinger Str. 11, Stutensee, Baden-Württemberg 76297 Germany

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Joerg Demuth


we know firsthand what is needed and what the quality must be. Guests and employees are always enthusiastic about environmentally friendly hotels and spas. More and more companies are realising that we can and must all curb, or even completely replace, our plastic consumption. For this reason, we have manufactured all hotel products which are both functional and of the best quality.

Zerowaste is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural, plastic-free spa and hotel amenities. Responding to the unnecessary waste generated by the spa and hospitality industries, Zerowaste has grown out of Urb’n Nature, which is a natural, 100 per cent organic, luxury spa product and cosmetic line. Manufactured in Germany it offers massage therapies and facials, including the Sportgel Collection.

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Main products and services We offer 100 per cent plastic-free hotel and spa products and packaging. Our product development is based on a unique understanding of people, products and sustainability. Zerowaste’s alternatives to plastic are environmentally friendly, reusable items, including personal care products. We consciously choose natural materials such as jute, modal, cotton, linen, cork, coconut fibre for slippers and disposable underwear. Bamboo and wood for combs and toothbrushes. Food starch instead of plastic for compostable cling film and shower caps. Glass for bottles and jars, as it is the ultimate material for endless recycling. Compostable paper for packaging and sachets. Lids are made from urea, a by-product of many chemical processes,

Zerowaste offers an alternative to plastic

which does not harm the environment. All of our product labels are paper based and we use post-consumer recycled paper.

Soneva, Six Senses, Mandarin Oriental, Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Schloss Elmau, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Sugar Beach, Lindenberg, Hotel Bernstein, Lake House...

Where in the world? Worldwide.

USPs Zerowaste is one of world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural, plastic-free hotel and spa amenities. We offer a huge range of sustainable products, which we design and produce for our customers. Our experts advise everyone individually and work out the best offer for each company. Everything is sustainable and of the highest quality. Through years of global experience in the hotel and wellness industry,

Future plans In association with Urb’n Nature, the further development of completely compostable cosmetic packaging. Our groundbreaking, unique, fully compostable, single use skin and hair care sachets have already been developed.

Who’s who? Joerg Demuth, chief product officer and zero waste consultant. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 297