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Vinésime Chemin De Saule, Brochon, Gevrey-Chambertin, 21220, France

Email: Skype: bbvinesime LinkedIn: vinesimefrance Facebook: vinesime

Edouard Damidot, CEO

Background Vinésime is a skincare brand that creates its own active ingredients from selected vineyards in the heart of the Climats de Bourgogne – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Main products and services We support spas wishing to enhance their establishment by showcasing the French art de vivre and heritage. The Racine du Temps line is dedicated to the radiance and youth of the skin and to magnifying the natural beauty of every woman. The range includes 15 products that highlight the A2OC complex and are 100 per cent made in France, with a high percentage of natural origin ingredients. Our A2OC Complex is the synergie of our two active ingredients – one from Pinot Noir and the other from Burgundy Blackcurrant. Vinésime has also developed a deliciousbath range, using the « Le Clos » grape extract. For hoteliers, our Chardonnay amenities create a link between the rooms and the spa, and our wines – made from the same vines as our cosmetics – creating a wonderful link between the bar and the restaurant.

USPs Our products symbolise the harmony between man and nature, and our respect

The Vinésime range has been designed to support all skin types and is made in France

for natural cycles and traditional know-how. They also reflect the values of our region and our deep attachment to authenticity, provenance and quality: welcome to a world ruled by the seasons and vintages forged by the unique climates of Burgundy. Vinésime creates a world in which each product treats your senses to an exceptional experience, capitalising on the best that a unique terroir has to offer – a world where the journey of the senses comes into its own. These ‘Made in France’ natural formulae use Pinot Noir because it’s the most concentrated grape variety in the world in terms of antioxidant molecules (polyphenols and resveratrol). This creates a beauty experience deep in the history and heritage of humanity.

Top clients Château de Berne, Flayosc, France; Hotel Le Cep, Beaune, France; The Lynx Resort, Florina, Greece; The Meritage, Napa Valley, USA.

Where in the world? USA, China, Japan, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Malaysia, South Korea and more.

Future plans We will launch in May 2022 a new line dedicated to UV protection and skin lightening, using vine and wine extracts from a new and famous French wine region.

Who’s who? Edouard Damidot, CEO; Marie Damidot, marketing director. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 287