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TechnoAlpin Via Piero Agostini 2, Bolzano, BZ 39100, Italy

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Sara Brenninger & Lukas Andreas Dusini

Background Founded in 1990, TechnoAlpin is the world leader for snowmaking systems. Our product portfolio includes all different types of snowmaking equipment for outdoor and innovative holistic solutions for indoor applications.

Main products and services The SnowRoom provides a special highlight for wellness and spa areas, fitness centers and private luxury real estates – a new way of cooling down that your guests will surely remember. The TechnoAlpin SnowRoom is cooled to -10° C (14° F) and filled with real snow, made from only water and air. Fresh snow is made every night, so fresh powder snow is ready every morning to delight your guests. The positive effect of alternating between the warmth of a sauna and the subsequent cooling down will become even more known as people’s health awareness grows. When cooling down in the SnowRoom, the positive effect is intensified, compared to other cold treatments: The difference in temperature is 100°C and still pleasant for the visitor. In addition, airways and the head are also cooled, and the blood vessels are strengthened. An innovative and gentle way of contrast therapy with the goal to strengthen the immune system.

The SnowRoom by TechnoAlpin offers a unique cold experience


Where in the world?

The TechnoAlpin SnowRoom is the most attractive and effective way for customers to cool down from head to toe. Contrast therapy with real, soft powder snow through a resource-saving technology with the possibility of heat recovery. 30 years of know-how in snow production guarantee a sophisticated high-tech product for a unique snow experience.

TechnoAlpin supplies its snowrooms and snow products to spa and wellness businesses worldwide.

Top clients We have supplied more than 100 spas around the world, including luxury hotels, cruise ships, public thermal baths, private residences and even retail stores.

Future plans Snow should not only remain part of the cooling down process after the sauna, but should also act as a fascinating element – it should conquer wide areas of the wellness and beauty world.

Who’s who? Martin Raifer, director indoor snow division; Lukas Andreas Dusini, international sales manager; Sara Brenninger, product manager. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 279