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myndstream 9100 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90212, United States

Tel: +44 7880 734416 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook:

Freddie Moross, head of marketing


moments across top Hollywood film and TV productions, such as Stranger Things and John Wick, translates to developing immersive in-person experiences. MYNDSTREAM

myndstream was born out of the acquisition of one of the most rich and diverse catalogues of heritage New Age music by leading independent media music company Cutting Edge Group in 2019. The catalogue includes a roster of some of the most influential ambient musicians in the world. myndstream moons

Main products and services myndstream has developed an affordable streaming portal for the spa and wellness industry that removes licensing risks and provides a deep and diverse library of high quality, research-backed and purpose-built spa music. This simple one-stop solution lives at the intersection of art and science, providing operators and clients with the best audio experience possible. The music ranges in style and design to fit a range of spa environments. Guided by results of the latest academic studies, myndstream engages its roster of musicians to create new works for the spa market with frequencies, tonalities and tempos that research shows can have a direct effect on relaxation and mood enhancement. Professional curators then sequence the music for maximum impact. myndstream also works on a bespoke basis with luxury brands to create unique

soundscapes that utilise audio to ensure the most immersive guest experiences.

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Best quality music. Dependable and reliable play-listing. An easy-to-use user-friendly portal. Music searchable by tempo, making it the perfect audio companion for a therapist. All correctly licensed with no need to jump through additional regulatory hoops. Diverse musical content. Music for purposes and intention. A management team who eagerly seek feedback and constantly look to improve the music they provide. An innovative marketing team, who can create unique audio experiences on a bespoke basis. Backed by Cutting Edge Group, whose experience of creating impactful music

Top clients myndstream is launching a new music portal in partnership with Universal Companies. We aim to provide our music services and music portal to any and all spas across the US, eventually expanding across the globe.

Where in the world? London, Los Angeles, New York and Cape Town. However, music is consumed globally.

Future plans myndstream will be creating an informal advisory board from the first users of their new portal in order to gain constructive feedback over the content and the delivery of the music. The team will then use this feedback phase to continually refine its product offering. myndstream will also be available to consult and produce exclusive and unique audio environments on a bespoke basis for spas.

Who’s who? Freddie Moross, head of marketing, and Darren Blumenthal, managing director. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 241