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J Grabner GmbH Peter-Mitterbauer-Strasse 2, Roitham 4661, Austria

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Kseniia Filimonova, area sales manager



Motivated by his lifelong passion for wood, Josef Grabner founded J Grabner in 2002 as a wood veneer production specialist. In 2014, the company expanded its reach to also cover veneered panels for sauna construction, the furniture industry and interior wall finishes.

Main products and services The company’s core offering is called Saunaboard, consisting of veneered plywood panelling designed for finishing saunas. The panels have high technical characteristics which can be offered in a range of designs. Saunaboard’s bonding material is also water and heat resistant, formaldehyde free and has been temperature tested up to 90°C. In addition, J Grabner provides panels for the furniture industry and wall finishing, which are presented under the brands Prägeboard and Alpineboard. These divisions offer wooden panels with 3D embossing, featuring designs that help create a unique atmosphere in hotel suites or wellness areas.

J Grabner produces and sells products made from high-quality wood sourced from all over the world

team consistently remains committed to re-imagining sauna design and helping to bring designers’ and customers’ fantasy to life.


Top clients

Inspired by the beauty of nature, J Grabner offers a range of panels with different surfaces including 3D finishes, which imitate the structure of old balks. The

J Grabner collaborates with top architects, designers and sauna builders, who visualise and construct wellness areas across the globe.

Future plans The company is busy developing unique sauna panels with new embossing and top layer materials, with the goal to break the mould in sauna design.

Who’s who? Kseniia Filimonova, area sales manager Export Saunaboard. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 229