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Iyashi Dome 72 Avenue du Docteur Arnold Netter, Paris, 75012, France

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Shogoro Uemura, founder



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In Japan, there are centuries-old traditional detox cures called Suna Ryoho which can mainly be found in the hot springs of Ibusuki. Following a family trip to Japan in 2004 Shogoro Uemura, the founder, created the Iyashi Dôme to give access to deep detox treatments to a wider public.

As pioneer for more than 15 years, Iyashi Dôme does not and has never responded to a fashion phenomenon but has always innovated by creating The Japanese Sauna. A real Japanese sauna, the Iyashi Dôme acts in-depth to support detox, slimming and anti-aging, as well as muscle preparation and recovery. It also improves sleep. Iyashi Dôme devices are the only ones on the market to have been the subject of clinical studies. They have been measured and assessed in relation to the benefits of 30-minute sessions in areas such as detox, slimming and anti-aging effects. Thanks to the Iyashi Dôme patented catalyst, the Iyashi Dôme is the only infratherapy device that is proven to eliminate toxins in real-time during treatments.

We aim to offer our equipment to as many professionals in the wellness sector as possible. Our aim is also to expand our range of options and the accessories that are available for our equipment.

Main products and services We offer two infratherapy treatment devices – the Iyashi Dôme and the Iyashi Dôme RenaiSens, as well as accessories such as the air device, enriched with oxygen and essential oils, Oshiboris and Osojis, tailor-made linen etc. Also, we provide a training programme adapted for each professional partner, with a follow-up and re-training, if needed, during the first year. This is in order to give our partners maximum support in the development of their communication and social networks. In order to adopt new security measures and to adapt our training programmes, we now offer both face-to-face and remote training to our clients. A follow-up and a comprehension test allow us to provide additional training and therefore support our clients in the comprehensive use of the Iyashi Dôme and ensure their full mastery of the Japanese sauna.

Top clients The Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship, The Four season resort in Dubai, The Spa-Hotel Vichy-Célestin in France, The Radisson Blue Collection in Russia, The Kisawa Sanctuary in Mozambique.

Where in the world? In France or abroad, discover the Wellness world of the Iyashi Dôme and live a unique experience all over the world!

Who’s who? Shogoro Uemura, founder and leader of Iyashi Dôme; Virginie Giron, communications and event manager; Florent Cornelis, training and key account manager.

What the clients say “We chose the Iyashi Dome because it is the most complete treatment we have found on the market. It combines well-being and health and is adapted to all profiles, whatever the age, the state of fitness, etc. The Iyashi Dome is not only a precious ally for our slimming support, but it is also a holistic treatment for anyone interested in improving their well-being or maintaining it over time. It is therefore a treatment device that we have chosen with our eyes closed and that we can recommend to everyone.” Iyashi Dôme partner “Studio la Chaponnière”, Switzerland. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 227