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i-Tech Industries S.r.l. Via I Maggio 4/Q, Granarolo Emilia - Bologna, Italy

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Luca Gualdrini, general manager



The history of i-Tech Industries started with the revolutionary inventions of Gianfranco Tudico, who designed two unique patented technologies whose effects go beyond the surface of the skin thus offering a concept of total beauty based on the perfect harmony between skin quality, balanced muscle tone and mental wellbeing.

Main products and services The i-Boost concept derives from the principle of interconnection between the skin and the body movement and in fact combines two unique devices: icoone and icoone Booster. Thanks to Roboderm® technology, icoone treats the skin by regenerating the structure of the connective tissue delivering up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute. The second phase of the i-Boost treatment is carried out on icoone Booster, which activates 95% of the body’s muscles through exercise on an Elispheric®platform that improves posture and balance by physically increasing muscle tone and flexibility and burning calories. In addition to these two revolutionary technologies, the concept incorporates a turnkey package that includes: ■ An exclusive sector format and positioning, as i-Boost is a unique concept at a worldwide level, based on technological innovation and customer focus.

icoone treatment

■ Continuous support and training: training programmes, business coaching and marketing support. We work closely with our spas to ensure their success.

USPs i-Boost is a philosophy that widens the range of action of the spa by renewing its mission, business and space. Some of the benefits to the center that can be enjoyed immediately thanks to i-Boost are: ■ It increases the services offered and the center’s revenue thanks to an exclusive format and positioning which combines beauty and wellness, with no additional staff needed.

■ It responds to current changes in the world of beauty care and wellness with two technologies that interact to regenerate the skin from the outside through Roboderm® microstimulations and sculpt the body from the inside with the Elispheric® movement. ■ It improves the results reached by clients and builds customer loyalty, offering also express treatments thanks to intensive packages.

Top clients icoone has already been chosen by some of the most exclusive and luxurious resorts and spas all around the world, check our website for more details.

Where in the world? i-Tech Industries distributes its products in all continents, with more than 5,000 satisfied clients.

Future plans Our plan for 2022 is to establish several i-Boost centres in the main capitals, and to continue implementing technologies and solutions for beauty, health and wellness.

Who’s who? Gianfranco Tudico, CEO; Luca Gualdrini, general manager. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 225