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Cariitti Oy Niittyrinne 2B, Espoo, 02270 Finland

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Peter Ruokonen, CEO and owner

Background Cariitti is a Finnish family business founded by Kari Ruokonen in 1998 and owned now by his son Peter Ruokonen. The name and story of Cariitti originate from its founder’s first name and the three Graces of Greek mythology, the Charites, who brought glory, joy and prosperity to people.

Main products and services As the name implies, Cariitti wants to bring light and comfort to premises. The selection includes versatile lighting solutions for wellness facilities including sauna, hammam, bathroom, spa and pool areas. The company manufactures luminaires and also a line of sauna benches and dressing room furniture at the company’s own factory in Finland. The goal is to offer high-quality products that will last long thanks to both their quality and timeless design. The product range includes light spots, indirect linear lighting and lighting sets made with fibre optic and LED technology: optical glass fibres for sauna ceiling lighting, LED lighting for sauna benches; optical plastic fibres and LED lighting for spas, hammams, bathrooms and pools. The standard lighting sets can be accessorized with decorative light fittings,

and customers can have lighting solutions modified or completely custom-made to fit their individual needs. The company has been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol, which demonstrates that the products are manufactured in Finland. Our principle has always been that lighting is not just about the amount of light, but also about creating an atmosphere. We help our customers to build a comfortable and harmonious space where both the eye and the mind rest. The mind and body relax in wellness facilities, and Cariitti provides a framework for this with a harmonious and properly designed lighting. The company’s values include domesticity by having own manufacturing unit in Finland, continuity of the family business and environmental friendliness by choosing high quality, long-lasting materials. In-house product development and in-production quality control guarantee high quality and smooth customer service.

Top clients Cariitti lighting has been used in many public venues, such as Finnish National Gallery Ateneum, Helsinki, and British

Library, London; in hotels and spas, such as Hotel Kämp, Helsinki, Hotel Cheval Blanc, Paris, Beacon Hill Clubhouse, Hongkong, Limassol DelMar, Cyprus; and also in luxury cruise liners built in Finland.

Where in the world? Cariitti operates in Finland and exports from Finland to over 40 countries worldwide.

Future plans Cariitti will launch new lighting products, such as Aspectu, a digital thermo&hygro meter with a sand timer function, and develop its cooperation with the existing partners and find new ones.

Who’s who? Peter Ruokonen, CEO and owner; Jaana Partanen, export manager.

What the clients say “One of the most important features of Cariitti is quality. At Limassol DelMar we used Cariitti lighting and Taive sauna interior. The design and quality matched the concept and our client is very satisfied. We definitely recommend and continue using Cariitti products.” Marios Pamboris, owner/director, Pamenea Trading LTD SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 205