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Bioline Jatò Viale Bolognini, 78 - 38122 Trento, Italy

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Tommaso Corradini, general manager


all year round, taking into account different climates and skin types, according to the seasonal biorhythms. This ensures long-lasting customer satisfaction while maximising results and minimising treatment sessions. Bioline Jatò remains dedicated to supporting therapists in their development by offering cutting-edge skincare solutions.

Bioline Jatò is a family-founded Italian company operating in the professional skincare industry since 1979. Founded as a school for aestheticians, it evolved into an international brand thanks to certified educational programmes, protocols and product innovation, designed with therapists’ professional development in mind. Bioline Jatò manages the relationship with all its clients and distributors with a touch of quintessentially-Italian elegance and style. The company has always paid attention to sustainability, guaranteeing maximum safety and effectiveness.

Top clients Day spas, spas and spa chains that need to maintain high standards for their consumers, offering visible results and memorable wellbeing experiences. The line uses effective, natural ingredients

Main products and services Our Italian-made professional and retail products allow us to develop customisable and effective skin solutions for all. This complements our exclusive working method – the Bioline Jatò® System – and manual techniques that offer the maximum customer experience, both for face and body.

USPs Certified, safe and effective formulas, based on the use of natural ingredients, biotechnology and unique complexes are combined with precious textures and scents: these are the results of Bioline Jatò

laboratories’ advanced research and of 40 years of innovation. Moreover the company boasts the Bioline Jatò® System, an exclusive method which ensures the best performances and duration of professional products and treatments thanks to a physiologicallybalanced sequence of manual skills. We also develop functional manual methods to give measurable results, which are enhanced by the products, and that offer a satisfying working tool for skin therapists. Face and body beauty projects are structured in customised seasonal treatments that stimulate the skin functionality

Where in the world? Our products are distributed throughout the best spas in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Future plans Bioline Jatò is constantly improving its environmental, social and economic sustainability commitments. We are currently innovating to develop a new facial skincare collection created in line with these company values.

Who’s who? Tommaso Corradini, general manager; Clara Corradini, founder; Roberta Fiorentini, export manager. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 197