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Beltrami Linen S.r.l. Vicolo Degli Alpini 5, Cene, 24020 Italy

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Cinzia Imberti Beltrami, CEO


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Beltrami is an Italian family-owned business with over 50 years’ experience in textile manufacturing. We specialise in bespoke projects, designed and developed to customer specifications. We manage the complete production process, from the early stages of design through to weaving and customer service, which gives the highest quality standards.

Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie (Paris), Goji Spa at K2 (Courchevel), The spa at The Merrion (Dublin), Lefay Resort & Spa (Italy).

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Main products and services

Future plans

We provide all textile products spa operators need, from oshiboris to complete treatment bed setups and from bathrobes to relax blankets, including a wide range of technical accessories, such as bespoke cushions in different materials and oil resistant covers. All our products are customisable in different fabrics and tested for the specific use and heavy laundering. We offer a flexible service and specialised assistance from the very first steps of the project, putting our know-how and expertise to our customers’ complete disposal.

We will focus on R&D, to expand our Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami collection (wood fibre) with some innovative, performing and unique products.

USPs Our approach to the spa world places a strong emphasis on bespoke design, where our close collaboration with our customers and their designers is a decisive factor.

We have customers all around the world, whom we directly supply from our facilities in northern Italy or through selected local partners.

Beltrami offers comfortable yet elegant designs

We aim to create products not only with aesthetics and brand consistency in mind, but also with a strong focus on their specific function and use. Our projects are fully tailored, often including items designed and developed for the specific services and treatments provided by individual spas, such as special massage and manicure cushions, body wraps and paraffin gloves. In addition, we offer towels in all sizes and a wide range of bathrobes and create treatment bed setups, specially for each bed shape and size.

Who’s who? Cinzia Imberti Beltrami, CEO; Katia Gallizioli, international key account; Stefania Cantini, international key account/MKTG; Luca Imberti, sales manager Italy.

What the clients say “Over my last ten years as spa manager at Lefay, our partnership with Beltrami has been a certainty and a point of strength. I have had the possibility of creating and developing products responding to the new needs, requirements and evolution of the hospitality market.” Fabrizio Castellani, spa director, Lefay SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 195