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@Sonnen Land S.L

A division of SL GROUP Valencia, 384, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 932081010 / +34 675701403 Email: LinkedIn: Instagram:

Carlos Rodriguez, CEO & founder


Top clients

@Sonnen Land was founded in 1971 by entrepreneur Carlos E. Rodríguez. A passionate pioneer of new technologies, for 50 years he has contributed to the development of state-of-the-art professional equipment for the aesthetic, aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy, body rehab, spa and wellness market segments.

We have installed equipment in a wide range of spas, hotels, gyms, cosmetic medicine clinics, nutritional centers, tanning salons and rehabilitation centres in Europe and South America.

Who’s who? Carlos E. Rodríguez, CEO; Félix Rabassa, COO; Karolien Verdonck, CSO.

Main products and services The product portfolio of @Sonnen Land includes a wide range of unique product developments and state-ofthe-art equipment: body scanners for measurement and posture control, robots for spinal balance rehabilitation, cryotherapy chambers, equipment focused specifically on cellulite treatment, elimination of body fat and muscle increase, latest generation laser equipment for the removal of body hair, scars and acne and tanning beds.

USPs Innovation, efficiency, quality, practicality, good design and the possibility of a 100 per cent hands free operation are the premises that all devices represented by @Sonnen Land need to comply with to guarantee a high ROI to our clients. Our latest developments are:

What the clients say

Bodybot: spinal dynamic balance stimulation and rehabilitation

Visbody 3D Body Scanner & Analyzer which incorporates instant body scan technology to create an avatar of the user, with exact body measurements, postural analysis and a comparative follow-up of the achieved body changes. Bodybot to achieve spinal dynamic balance stimulation and rehabilitation and Teslamax which applies focalised electromagnetic energy in order to burn body fat and increase muscle volume without any effort or even to solve urinary incontinence within only a few sessions.

“We’re a high-end aesthetic medicine clinic in Madrid. We purchased the majority of our equipment via @Sonnen Land and must say we’re very happy with both the attention received from sales people and technicians alike, as well as with the quality and performance of the equipment itself. From the set up, we received guidance into which devices would best suit our clinic’s needs. Once the decision was made, we received continuous updates on delivery and installation dates and the installations were done flawlessly. We received both online and onsite training to make sure our employees were confident using the devices. We would for sure count on SL Group again, should we decide to amplify our equipment range.” Sergio Zariquiey – CEO Bex Clinic SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 183