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bbspa_Group headquarters: Via Guido Guarini matteucci 1/e, Forlì, FC 47121, italy France: 116 bis avenue, des Champs elysée, 75008 paris, France asia: National design Centre, 111 middle rd #03-01, Singapore 188969

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Régis Boudon-Doris, co-founder and CEO

Background In an extremely competitive world where clients have ever increasing demand, creating a successful wellness and spa project is increasingly complicated. With this premise in mind, we have been working for almost 30 years and have built an international network of professionals, leader in the evaluation, conception, creation, design, planning and management of wellness and spa projects around the world.

Main products and services bbspa offers a unique method to strengthen every aspect of your business. Our goal is to help you achieve profitability: drawing up your project, we analyse potential demand, market trends, and competition to have a clear picture of its real potential and challenges. Together with our partners, we offer our know-how and expertise to entrepreneurs, investors, architects, and builders to make every project a success in terms of design, innovation, efficiency and profitability. The success of your business is our priority. With our six business units we are able to fully assist clients at every stage of your spa’s life project.

We make every effort to create not just a spa but the place which represents clients’ values, identity and targets. We are open to art and design, the local culture, current styles and trends to enrich spa projects with distinctive values and meanings, creating a unique identity.

USPs bbspa’s eight values and objectives include: ■ Our mission, for you, will always be to make your project a commercial and financial success. ■ We build the custom team to create your concept and project ■ We offer you a series of synergistic services for tailormade and turnkey projects ■ We share the bbspa_Group network and expertise to build your success ■ We put at your disposal a network of services, professionals and companies, all experts in the world of wellness and spas ■ For us Sustainable Spa = sustainable business ■ Use our unique style, French savoir faire in synergy with Italian design, to create your unique project.

We protect your investments to maximize your profits.

Where in the world? bbspa_Group operates internationally, thanks to its vast network of partners, with a special focus on Europe and Asia, but always ready to take up challenges wherever they are. But in order to be more and more efficient close to international decision makers, in 2021 we created the bbspa_France branch headed by Ghislain Waeyeart and at the beginning of 2022 the bbspa_Asia branch headed by Rita Bonucchi, two professionals who have built a team around them in perfect synergy with that of bbspa_Group.

Future plans The plan for the next few years is to expand the number of our branch and our network of professionals for wellness and spa worldwide to ensure support and profitability to as many projects as possible.

Who’s who? With his 30 years of experience in wellness, cosmetics, aesthetics and SPA, Régis Boudon-Doris is the co-founder and beating heart of bbspa_Group. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 149