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Pre-COVID, 94% of Millennials practised self-improvement

important group, Millennials are the future for this market, but there are fewer resources catering to them. Prior to the pandemic, a reported 94 per cent of Millennials participated in the practice of self-improvement, 84 per cent of Baby Boomers and 81 per cent of Gen Xers were engaged in personal development.

areas. Much like the self-help market has evolved to expand its industry and audience, the wellness-hospitality market is tasked to do the same. This reveals new opportunities to curate an enormous spectrum of personal wellbeing. The core demographics of this market are seeking new, creative, multi-generational programme creation. This also engages guests to explore personal value, through cross-department services while tailoring programmes to suit different age groups, customer types, and life circumstances.

Nuance and variety

Defining the framework

Since the definition of wellness touches nearly everything in the realm of life and hospitality from food-and-beverage lineups, quality rooms, sleep and meeting space to spa and fitness departments, value comes into play in multiple

Enumerating the definition of hospitalitydriven wellness raises three important questions. First, what is the perceived value of wellness and transformation for your specific guests? This is broadly different based on property type,

One of the biggest threats to the process of enacting new services, stems from employees not understanding them

substantial and prevalent focus on being healthy, happy and living with passion, energy and a sense of personal wellbeing. The natural outcome of these changes generates a profound shift in thinking. As people become increasingly selfaware, this impacts a number of things including personal values, consciousness and life goals. This creates a powerful inflection point to examine the increasing demand for personal development, selfhelp philosophies and transformational spa and wellness products and services. Traditionally, Baby Boomers have been the main consumers of selfimprovement, while they still are an

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