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wellness leaders to become evidence-based societal leaders

40 per cent of employees are now considering leaving their current positions due to chronic stress, largely because they say employers have not prioritised or supported their mental wellbeing. The same poll found that more than two thirds of those surveyed agreed with the statements: “My employer claimed to focus on mental health at the beginning of the pandemic but has not followed through.” And “My employer says employees should focus on ‘self-care’ but doesn’t provide the resources to do so.” Yet, while loss of faith in employers living up to their wellbeing commitments has become widespread, 52 per cent said more mental health services would make them more likely to stay in their job.

Generational re-set Society has now placed mental wellbeing on the front burner, even if not all employers yet have. What this means is that those calling to vigorously re-start the economy of largely-vaccinated countries will first have to reckon with the reality that the workers who drive these economies don’t want to return to business as usual. If they’re offered business as usual, many are saying they’ll walk. Society is being presented with a generational opportunity for a re-set. We know that being understood, being in nature, being connected meaningfully to others, prioritising good, largely plantbased nutrition, having regular exercise, engaging in a meditative practice and

Workers are more likely to stay if they feel they’re supported

having a sense of a higher influence in life all contribute to mental wellbeing. This is the time for those in the wellness industry to begin to craft programmes which incorporate all these pathways and offer them across the wide spectrum of society. The opportunity is there for wellness leaders to become evidence-based societal leaders.

The 100 year life Colleagues and I have worked with the Asian Development Bank this year to produce the book Wellness for a Healthy Asia, to provide pathways out of the pandemic and into a re-imagined scenario for prevention, healthcare and wellness for the future. Japan is already spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 111


The opportunity is there for