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SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK: 2021 - 2022 EDITION shutterstoc/Kite_rin

132 GWI researchers share the impact of the pandemic on the global wellness economy

170 Spa consultant listings Spa consultants from around the world 179 Spa franchise listings International spa franchises

PRODUCTS & SERVICES 182 Company profiles Suppliers to the spa industry, complete with contact details

300 A selection of new products, services and equipment for the spa industry 308 Contact book A listing of details of spa suppliers

Listings 382 Spa training directory Details for spa training companies

394 Spa course selector A guide to global spa training courses 404 Trade associations Details of different national and regional trade associations for the spa industry 407 Events calendar The biggest conferences, exhibitions and networking events for the spa industry over the coming year spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022