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GEN ZEN Fast-paced traditional wellness. Is there such a thing? Ingo Schweder says this is the direction the wellness industry needs to go in order to attract Gen Z...


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Comprising 40 per cent of US consumers, the industry needs to target Gen Z


Millennial colleague recently told me that although personal wellness is high on their list of priorities, they rarely have time to reap the full benefit of traditional wellness practices. Gym every day was no problem, but a trip to an ashram or a two week meditation retreat? No way. Millennials and Generation Z are cited as the consumers the wellness industry needs to pivot towards, but what can we do to appeal to a new lifestyle which is more ‘switched on’ and ‘fast-paced’ than previous generations? It seems this cohort simply don’t have the time, or inclination, to engage with traditional wellness philosophies in the way they have been historically experienced. So we must adapt.