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often not, so this means that shifting customers to being members of the hotel rather than the spa makes them feel as though they’re part of something much bigger, while enhancing the visibility of the spa and wellness operation and the value of the membership. Growth in incremental revenue is also then more likely to occur, as operators have access to a much broader audience and positioning.

THE MARKET FOR RESIDENTIAL LIVING The model can also be applied in residential developments and with the popularity of branded residential units on the rise – some schemes grew 170 per cent during 2020 – extended wellness or club-like activities are now a standard expectation from consumers. Having a solid offer which is customised for your customer type only adds value to branded residences, while strong partnerships can really generate growth for all the parties involved.


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There is renewed interest in living well when retired

ELEVATING RETIREMENT HOMES The anthropologist Ashley Montagu said, ‘the idea is to die young, as late as possible’, and this quote casts a meaningful light on the way retirement communities are being built when it comes to wellbeing. With awareness of the growth in loneliness, isolation and lack of social engagement that was experienced by so many during the pandemic, more people are shifting their perspectives in terms of their future life choices and asking where they’d like to live in their older age. As a result, we’re seeing a growing demand for social community schemes – based on ‘membership’ – where cafés, restaurants, activities, cinema,

fitness, spa, wellness and beauty are all offered within independent living spaces and where care and support are also available – emphasising the growing trend for social wellbeing. Why would that not be appealing and compelling to an ageing population? ●

■ About the author: Lindsay Madden-Nadeau is a global spa and wellness consultant and the founder of Meraki Bespoke Wellness Strategies, as well as vice chair of Wellness Tourism Initiative on Wellness Tourism Destination at the Global Wellness Institute. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 101