Spa Business Handbook 2020-2021

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wellness design Designer Adria Lake on the future of wellness spaces

PHOTOS: Marc Gerritsen/MAAD Properties LLC


he future of spa design requires a fundamental change in our mindset and how we define and understand wellness. The current definition emphasises the importance of an active pursuit of good or holistic health. And our spas, wellness facilities and WELL-certified buildings are designed and built as temples to this ongoing pursuit of a subjective, unquantifiable aim. The issue that we, as wellness designers, need to address is that while our endless pursuit has made the wellness industry a US$4.5 trillion business, the rate of preventable diseases as well as mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction, in wealthy and developed countries where wellness thrives, has

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Designer Adria Lake at home in Colorado with her partner, architect Marc Gerritsen