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Industry insights Nordic countries

Industry predictions International spa and wellness professionals, working in various industry sectors, give their views on the industry and report back on major trends Jane Kitchen, editor, Spa Business Handbook

“For Nordic spas, going plastic-free isn’t enough; they strive to be green and organic in every way” Josefin Roth, brand manager, LivNordic


he Nordic countries have long been seen as a role model in regard to the environment and climate, but more recently, this positioning has been raised higher with Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg making global headlines as she protests about the need for immediate action. Greta has become a symbol for the young all over Europe – particularly for Millennials and Gen Z. For Nordic spas, going plasticfree isn’t enough; they strive to be green and organic in every way. This extends to being a caring brand, one that is generous to customers, employees, social causes and the environment. This opens up opportunities to the more eco-conscious spa suppliers who share similar values, and extends beyond spa products to technology, food and services. From a design point of view, we see the influence of the experience generation. There 74


is a rise in more niche, creative spa concepts that double as social hangouts, including spas that invite guests to ’write a new life story’ by offering a mix of music, aromas, food, warm baths, cold drinks and hot steam. Similarly, others are combining enjoyment and relaxation to create new concepts, whether this is an invitation to see a great movie in the pool, mix their own scrubs, or rethink spa music so you can both hear and feel it.

■ There is an opportunity for more eco-conscious spa suppliers