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Spa foresight™ 2020 What’s going to have the biggest impact on spas in the future? Spa Business outlines the trends, technologies and strategies that are coming down the track Climate Emergency


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spa business HANDBOOK 2019 - 2020

We must establish where clean energy will come from before we decide what to build

stop earth death

1. Climate emergency With 200 species becoming extinct every day, the world is facing an existential crisis. Unless all parts of society and all nations take heed, we’re heading for the sixth mass extinction, the breakdown of all natural environments and the end of our civilisation as we know it. We’ve placed the Climate Emergency at the start of our Spa Foresight for this year, as all other trends, policies and opportunities must now be defined by it.

We must ensure energy is the first thing we consider before any new spa or wellness infrastructure is built, by creatively examining the options for generating clean power, establishing how much can be generated and only then considering what can be built with what we have. The aim is to be carbon positive before governments force us to be. We must also cut back on waste, carbon-based materials and carbon-generating activity.