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Millwall reveals 'Premier-ready' stadium plan Millwall FC has revealed


designs by AFL Architects for

a stadium with facilities

the proposed redevelopment

that would be fit for the

of its stadium, The Den,

Premier League, should

to make it "fit for Premier

the eventuality arise, the

sb sb



League football". Redevelopment of the


plans are aimed at helping to develop new sources

stadium has become a

of non-football revenue

possibility again, following the

and long-term financial

termination of a conditional

sustainability for Millwall.

land sale agreement for


The proposals would see the

the leased site on which

phased expansion of The Den

The Den is situated in

up to a maximum capacity of

Bermondsey, London. The

34,000 seats, with additional

decision was made by the

upper tiers added behind

local mayor and cabinet.

the existing seating bowl.

Although the club still needs

■■The proposals would see the phased expansion of The Den


Steve Kavanagh, Millwall’s

to secure a new lease with

CEO, said: “We will bring

the council, the status of its

our stadium up to Premier

existing home is now far more

League standards and

secure and means it can look

ensure that our presence in

so so


In addition to creating

towards preparing a planning

Lewisham is sustainable.”

application for the proposals.

More: http://lei.sr/a4A7P_P Read moRe online

We will bring our stadium up to Premier League standards Steve Kavanagh


leisure opportunities leisure volunteering opportunities

Sports volunteering 'hugely beneficial' for young people LM Children and young people who spend time as sports volunteers are "happier and more satisfied with life". Kristen Natale, Sport England's head of volunteering, said the evidence from

■■Sport England is investing £900,000 in volunteering

social action programmes shows a range of benefits for young people – in addition to them getting physically active. “We’ve seen the positive impact

We’ve seen the impact that sport can have on young people Kristen Natale


Natale's comments coincided with Sport England announcing increased funding support for three youth

that social action, sport and physical

volunteering projects. The Laureus

activity can have on the outcomes

Sport for Good Foundation, Derby

for young people," she said.

County Community Trust and Football

"From increased confidence and

Beyond Borders are all receiving around

resilience to reporting improvements in

£300,000 to continue their work.

levels of happiness and life satisfaction."

More: http://lei.sr/G3t6Y_P Read moRe online


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