Sports Management March 2020

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SUPPLIER NEWS Passpot365 to debut in Austalia, says Gary Matin


assport365, a sports facilities management app, has sold its Australian

territory rights to Tuff Group, a synthetic grass specialist

■■■The app enables users to book maintenance work for sports surfaces

based in Victoria, Australia. Maintenance, a synthetic

hundreds of miles away or even

for global sale last year, is

The app, which launched

grounds specialist based

in another country," he added.

designed for sports facilities

in the East Midlands.

and enables users to book ■■■Garry Martin, Replay


"Passport365 allows

Tuff Group MD Fraser Gehrig said: "We have invested

in maintenance jobs for their

everyone working on or

heavily in technology and

sports surfaces, as well as

managing a site to be able

systems to support our

record daily activity and upload

to view, update, share

growth and Passport365

images from multiple sites.

and collate reports from

complements this perfectly."

The app was in development for two years and was created by Garry Martin, MD of Replay

the app," said Martin. "Most importantly, app users can check on their sites from

spoRt-KIt KeYWoRD ReplAY MAIntenAnCe

Veja wins ISPO award for 'post petroleum' taining shoes


rench footwear brand

place earlier this year at

regular runners, the Condor

Veja has won a Product

Messe München Germany.

is made from 53 per cent

of the Year award at

The company was recognised

renewable and recycled

in the Running Hardware

materials. It aims to use

category for Condor, one of the

as little fossil fuel in

honoured at an awards

world's first 'post-petroleum'

production as possible,

ceremony at the ISPO Munich

running shoes. Designed for

using raw materials

2020 trade show, which took

training and half-marathons for

such as rice waste, banana

the 2020 ISPO Awards. Veja was one of several

■■■The Condor running shoes

oil, natural rubber, castor oil


and natural latex instead. "For more than four years we have followed the mission to

Condor still aims to meet the

produce the first performance

highest technical standards and

running shoe without plastic

offers runners stability, comfort

and petroleum," said Sebastien

and control," Kopp added.


Kopp, co-founder of Veja. "The way there was hard

has made a step towards

time pressure and almost

a more eco-friendly way of

insoluble technical challenges.

producing sports shoes."

important sustainability is


The award was decided by a jury panel, which said: "Veja

and there was enormous

This award shows how ■■■Veja co-founder Sebastien Kopp (left) accepting the ISPO award

"It may be made from ecofriendly materials, but the

for the entire industry.

spoRt-KIt KeYWoRD VeJA