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funding help

Storm relief funding accessed by 100+ clubs More than 100 sports

hire, equipment replacement

clubs and organisations

and access repair.


have applied and received

devastating impact on local

storm relief fund, launched

sports organisations, causing

sb sb



to help those affected by

damage to clubhouses

storms Ciara and Dennis.

and grounds and denying

Set up by Sport England,

communities a chance to play

the fund has seen grants of

sport, often for weeks and

up to £5,000 being awarded

months on end,” he said.

across the country. Many clubs and HCM

“In the longer term, we will work with communities, as we

organisations are still unable

have with Carlisle since they

to safely access their facilities

were devastated by the floods

and the grant scheme

of recent years, to make their

remains open, with Sport

facilities more resilient to the

England promising a "quick

effects of climate change.”

decision process and access to cash for places in need". Sport England's director of

so so


"Floods can have a

grants from an emergency

■■Many grassroots facilities are vulnerable to flooding


Playing fields and clubhouses are particularly vulnerable to flooding,

property, Charles Johnston,

as many of them are

said the funding is being used

located on flood plains.

for decontamination, skip

Read moRe online More:

In the longer term, we will work to make facilities more resilient Charles Johnston


leisure opportunities leisure grassroots sport opportunities

Under 12s should "not head in training" LM footballs LM Children under the age of 12 should no longer head the ball during training sessions, according to The Football Association (FA). The recommendation was made

■■The new guidance recommends a 'no-heading' policy

in an update to the FA's heading guidance, which clubs and coaches the

The guidance covers all aspects of how to coach heading the ball Les Howie


Les Howie, The FA's head of grassroots

recommended heading guidelines for

coaching, said: "The guidance covers

training sessions – but does not make any

all aspects of how to coach heading

changes to the way matches are played.

the ball, including the correct size of

The new guidance follows research by

ball to use, the best techniques and

the University of Glasgow in 2019, which

how often the ball should be headed.

suggested that former professionals

The focus is on quality of heading

were three times more likely to die

training, rather than quantity."

from brain disease than non-players.

More: Read moRe online

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