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HCM ■■Burnham said the project will take 10 years and £1.5bn to deliver Head of news



"If the central government help us change our city-region, we can help change the country"

so Andy so Burnham calls for



Manchester's cycling network tolobecome 'national blueprint'

leisure opportunities

leisure opportunities


he Bee Network

Manchester and Greater

initiative – a joined-up

Manchester Combined

cycling and walking

Authority, the Change a region

network in Greater

to change a nation report

Manchester – could provide

states that the Bee Network

a national blueprint for

could increase journeys on

improving the nation's

foot or by bike by 2.5m a day,

health, while also reducing

and save the NHS £6.73bn by

congestion and air pollution.

improving people’s health.

That is the message

"We need the government

from Manchester mayor

to back us with sustained

Andy Burnham in a report

funding – and if they do

outlining the benefits of the

so, they will be helping to

"revolutionary" network,

create a model that can be

which would provide 1,800

replicated across the rest of

miles of protected space

the country," Burnham said.

for cycling and walking throughout the region. Commissioned by Burnham, Transport for Greater

"Put simply, if they help us change our city-region, we can help change the country." More: Read moRe online


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