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ANGELS’ ADVOCATE Gymtopia founder Ray Algar presents two international projects that are making a real difference to the lives of people far beyond the walls of the health club

Gymtopia: a place where clubs do social good Ray Algar launched Gymtopia in 2013, a website that gathers stories that show different ways the health and fitness industry is giving back to its local communities. The idea came after Algar heard about a project in Brazil where gym members could donate their old sports shoes to Symap, a charity that helps get poor children into sports. Since its launch, Gymtopia has given a platform to numerous projects that have fought against animal cruelty, climate change and poverty; promoted education, healthy eating and fitness; or funded clothing and shelter or medical research. ● Read more stories and submit your own: www.Gymtopia.org

The club and other donors are transforming the lives of 40,000 people across nine villages


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Leisure Management 2016 review