Health Club Management October 2018

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IN-CLUB TECH What’s happening in the world of health club management software? We get the inside view from some of the best-known tech companies in the sector

About Virtuagym Founded in 2008, the company offers an all-in-one solution for health club operators from membership management, billing, POS and scheduling to things such as consumer fitness and nutrition apps. Virtuagym just did a deal with Fitness on Demand to make FoD’s workouts available via the Virtuagym platform.

Virtuagym off ers club management and retention software

HUGO BRAAM, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, VIRTUAGYM What’s trends are driving you? We believe the future of fitness is all about being able to get digital support throughout the member journey. As such, we’ve developed Virtuagym Touch, an in-gym touch interface for members throughout the club, which supports them in getting real-time exercise instructions and inspiration and can also work as a 3D virtual trainer. In addition, it improves the member experience and boosts retention. What are you doing that’s special? Virtuagym allows health clubs to leverage 90

the potential of consumer fitness app technology within their facilities. Our platform, comprising a web portal, connected mobile apps and integrated hardware, represents a comprehensive solution. We offer workout tracking, nutrition coaching and engaging experiences members are willing to pay for. What else is new? Consumers want frictionless experiences. We’re also working on what I consider to be the ultimate goal of strength training: connected fitness using low power sensors and mobile technology. October 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018

It will allow members to tap a machine with their phone in order to automatically track and visualise their repetitions and weight use. There’ll be no need to purchase expensive new connected machines, as it will work on any existing kit which has a weight stack, and installation will be fast and simple, with no power required. On top of that, we’re heavily investing in areas such as data analytics and machine learning, so we can use our data to develop predictive models to deliver tailored automated coaching experiences and also to do churn prediction.