Health Club Management October 2018

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Software company Legend reveals how its powerful support division works with operators to drive their operational success via outsourced managed services


he competitiveness of the leisure industry is well documented. Consumers have greater choice, lower price points and increasingly attractive exercise options. This means the operator’s ability to implement excellent operational processes and customer engagement strategies, for the duration of the customer lifecycle, can make the difference between success and failure. Despite the relentless advance of technology, not all operators have the resource, expertise or time to unlock the actionable insights which are hidden within their customer data. The Legend Leisure Services (LLS) division of the company was established to solve this problem for customers. LLS provides a service that ensures operators realise their business potential, improving revenues through expertly fashioned processes and customer journeys, data insights and a wealth of industry best practice and know-how. IN-HOUSE WORKING AND OUTSOURCED EXPERTISE If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to the next five questions, you'll certainly not be able to answer ‘yes’ to the last. Yet, the primary goal of any tech purchase is to improve business processes and increase revenue. ■ Do you have all your customer data in a single, central database? ■ Does your website link to your timetables; are they linked to your member database and do they all communicate with each other? ■ Do you have a marketing communications and website strategy for your customers?


■ Is this strategy tailored and does it take into account customers’ different journeys and needs at different stages of their engagement with you? ■ Do you have access to daily Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, focussing on key business processes, such as direct debit collections, sales, retention and potential prospects? ■ Are you making the most of your software investment? In the current business climate, standing out requires more than just good technology tools; you need a software partner who can change the way you use your data and run your business, as though it was their own.

"We now have an incredible picture of why, when, where & how prospects make enquiries enabling us to make better strategic marketing decisions and having an increased ability to convert them into paying customers" Lee Wood, Active Tameside October 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018

Welcome to Legend’s outsourcing service, working for you ‘in-house’ on your systems and with your teams. GETTING RESULTS Today, people expect to be communicated with; they expect personalised engagement with relevant, value-added, and timely offers –they expect to be enticed and that process starts from their very first interaction with you. At Legend, we've developed a range of customer journeys and touch points, both digital and in person, to increase customer engagement, making sure customers are communicated with at exactly the right time and with the most appropriate personalised message. Our expert consultants will sit with you and carry out a comprehensive audit of your processes – from how ‘walk-ins’ are managed, right through to follow-ups and from how you capture an initial web enquiry, through to class attendance. They'll also look at how you track sales and direct debit collections and how you attract new members and keep them engaged throughout their lifecycle. Legend’s industry-leading Customer Management module includes automated customer journeys in Customer Acquisition, Welcome and Retention. We've optimised the journeys based on our team’s in-depth understanding of the Legend software, and our extensive operational experience of working with hundreds of operators, including Serco Leisure and Parkwood Leisure. Lee Wood, deputy CEO at Active Tameside, comments: “We took advantage of LLS’s considerable expertise when launching Legend’s Customer Management application. We use