Health Club Management November December 2017

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CONNECTED SOLUTIONS Members of Ingrebourne Links can now benefit from a cutting-edge, personalised and engaging workout following the recent groundbreaking development of the Essex-based Golf and Country Club


fter seven years of planning and construction, extensive earthwork movements and considerable investment, the Ingrebourne Links golf club is now open. As well as state-of-the-art health club facilities, the building also features a modern, vibrant clubhouse, along with a spectacular inland links golf course – wholly constructed with soil excavated from various London projects. Along with top of the range Matrix fitness equipment, the club is also the first in the UK to have the Matrix Workout Tracking Network and Personal Trainer Portal installed. These are Matrix’s most connected solutions and they enhance the company's 7xi experience. The Workout Tracking Network enables the club – via its own unique branded app – to achieve higher levels of member engagement, increased club revenue and a seamless, connected club experience. The app allows Ingrebourne Links to communicate with, engage and build loyalty with members. The app is free for members to download and includes a social sharing feature, which resonates with millions of users regularly sharing status updates. Using exclusive technology and an intuitive dashboard interface, the easily customisable Personal Trainer Portal allows trainers to create signature exercise programmes, assign workouts and check progress to help members stay on track and reach their goals, leading to better results and higher retention.

“We also have a great relationship with our account manager who's extremely knowledgeable, and responsive, ensuring that if we do have problems, they're resolved quickly.”

Paul Nugent, Strategic Business Development Manager for Matrix Fitness comments:

“Matrix have proven themselves as a Total Solutions Partner” Dominic Eagle, General Manager "We're delighted with the new Matrix fitness equipment in the gym – even more so as we're the first to sample the company's Workout Tracking Network and Personal Trainer Portal – both of which have been such a huge success when it comes to engaging our members.

“Matrix's connected technology, combined with the Ingrebourne Links golf club, truly sets the benchmark for fitness club owners who wish to be at the forefront of the fitness industry with the latest innovative digital offering available.” The new clubhouse is now fully open and membership is available. ● Ingrebourne Links has launched the first North 9-hole golf course. The East 9-holes are expected to open in 2018, with the final South 9-holes opening in 2019.

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Commenting on the extraordinary development, Dominic Eagles, general manager at Ingrebourne Links said: “As a prestige golf club we've understandably been selective about who we've partnered with. Matrix have proven themselves as a Total Solutions Partner, not only though unsurpassed service, but also because their equipment is at the leading edge of technology – right where we need to be. 70

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