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How to stop your members suffering from ‘fitness failure syndrome’ Matrix Fitness is fighting ‘Fitness Failure Syndrome’ (FFS) with a completely connected solution to ensure members build a fitness habit and see long-lasting results "‘I train three times a week but I’m still fat!’ Does this sound familiar? Are your members questioning their results?” asks Matt Pengelly, managing director at Johnson Health Tech UK. “It’s not enough to commit to a gym membership, get on a treadmill occasionally and press ‘Quick Start’. Most of your members will not see results, will lose motivation and will face what we’re terming ‘Fitness Failure Syndrome’ (FFS),” he continues. “Allow this to happen and wave goodbye to your retention rates.”


“To tackle this issue, we approached it from the member’s perspective and stepped back to see the bigger picture,” Pengelly continues. “Technology is now an undisputed part of our daily lives and plays

an increasingly key role in our fitness and health. But there’s a problem,” he says. “Not everyone buys a heart rate monitor or counts their calories; a small percentage do and those people are already halfway there – likely to be the fit and focused, low risk members of any facility. But what about the members needing more guidance, who don’t care or understand about tracking or find it too complex? This could be up to 70 per cent of your gym population – a number that can’t be ignored. “How can your trainers and your staff identify these members and help them towards their goal?” asks Pengelly. “A masterstroke here would have a direct impact on your bottom line.” “What’s needed is a system that helps you track the activity and performance of

Matrix Connected Solutions has been designed to combat member struggles

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each individual member, offering a bespoke member journey for both the ‘fit and focused’ members and the remaining 70 per cent – a system that’s simple enough to engage everyone,” he concludes.


“To solve this, we launched our Connected Solutions to provide an open platform that’s much more than a collection of hardware, software and connectivity options,” says Pengelly. “Designed to combat member struggles and help your entire team support, encourage and interact with them. It identifies changes in behaviour, often before the member has realised change themselves.” The process that Connected Solutions creates for members links back to the idea of ‘The Habit Loop’, a framework devised by Charles Duhigg. Duhigg proposed that habits are created by a cue, a routine and a reward – all of which cultivate a craving that drives the loop. In this sense, members face a cue that encourages them to get fi t. For example, weight loss, a summer holiday, an Iron Man challenge or a wedding. On entering a facility that offers Matrix Connected Solutions, their routine and reward are already in place (the reward will differ depending on whether they’re a fi t and focused member or in the ‘70 per cent’ group) allowing the habit to strengthen, driving lasting change and goal success. All Matrix products support Connected Solutions, including elements designed to add value to members’ journeys and ensure results. Data captured through key touchpoints provides you with a level of

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Health Club Management May 2019  

Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.

Health Club Management May 2019  

Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.