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The SKILLBIKE has been designed for performance training

“The new Technogym SKILLBIKE is a versatile product, boasting a host of innovative and engaging features to deliver a great training experience” Steve Barton, managing director, Technogym

Performance training will be revolutionised by the new Technogym SKILLBIKE


he fourth product to be launched into Technogym’s popular SKILL LINE, the SKILLBIKE is the revolutionary new stationary bike developed as a result of over 30 years’ experience in the industry and a long history of association with Olympic and elite sport. SKILLBIKE’s exclusive features were specifically designed for performance training, for everyone from beginners to pro athletes. Its versatility means it can be positioned anywhere on the gym floor – in performancededicated areas or studios.

Get competitive

To enhance the experience, the optional SKILLBIKE professional app allows trainers to prepare a

SKILLBIKE class in advance, for seamless class management. Two engaging class experiences can be created: Race and Performance. The Race class creates competition between participants as they follow race profiles created by the trainer; whilst Performance shows individual real-time data to improve abilities. With eight available gears, users can replicate the dynamics of hill rides by shifting gears to counter the change in resistance and maintain the correct power and cadence for maximum efficiency. The gear shift also enables multidrive technology, a characteristic feature across SKILL LINE, which allows riders to switch

from power-based training to hill climb simulations in order to improve strength and endurance, as well as maximise efficiency.

Monitor performance

The integrated 7” colour console provides all the relevant real-time data to enable performance to be monitored, including RPM, watts, speed, distance, gradient, heart rate and selected gear. The console also displays the user’s riding profile – with speed, gradient and cues for the next step – as well as a visual display of its Pedal Printing technology, which provides continuous visual feedback on the circularity and symmetry of the user’s

pedalling stroke at different gear ratios to monitor and increase efficiency. Each pedal revolution is analysed in real time and SKILLBIKE’s optical sensors check the torque symmetry between the right and left leg. SKILLBIKE’s integration with Strava, Garmin and Zwift means users can build routes with third party apps, or ride the world’s most popular routes in the comfort of the gym. Steve Barton, managing director Technogym UK says: “SKILLBIKE is a versatile product, boasting a host of innovative and engaging features to deliver a great training experience.” KEYWORD


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