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Dawn Falkner Clark converted her garage into a personal training space, where she specialises in EMS training


Reinvigorating personal training With a longstanding professional career in the fitness industry, we talk to Dawn Falkner Clark to find out more about her background and what the future holds for Be Fit Be You


ince converting her garage space, and starting up her own personal training business – Be Fit Be You – Dawn Falkner Clark has reinvigorated her love of delivering one-to-one training utilising the benefits of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. Falkner Clark’s at-home business is thriving, with 30 clients enjoying weekly sessions and seeing irrefutable results.

Tell us about your background in the fitness industry

I’ve been working in the fitness space since the 1990s and have experienced a variety of roles across swim, gym and group exercise. After working my way up to Fitness Manager, I moved into a more tactical role at The Club Company, 64

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overseeing things such as team training and recruitment, as well as member experience and retention strategies. My passions have always been focused around helping people achieve their fitness goals, creating behaviour change which will foster positive lifelong habits. I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunities to do just that.

What were your initial thoughts about EMS?

I first saw EMS training in action at FIBO in 2018. miha bodytec had a huge stand there and I couldn’t help but be intrigued – it was certainly unlike anything I’d ever seen before in the fitness industry. After speaking with the team and trialling a session, I immediately fell in love with it and saw a huge opportunity

to appeal to an untapped section of the population who struggle to engage with exercise, in particular, strength training. Despite the copious amounts of indepth research proving the benefits of strength training, especially for middle aged and older adults, I’ve often struggled to get people to understand how fundamental it is to their overall health. Old injuries, niggles and fear of high impact training often put people off. Yet, with EMS, you can incorporate strength training into an individual’s fi tness regime, without having to worry about any of these factors. It’s perfect for creating muscular adaptations, without requiring any form of weight-bearing activity. The stimulus creates muscle contractions throughout the body, so there’s no need to worry