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As gyms reopen, restrictions on numbers are demanding more of their software. HCM asks the experts how their systems can enable gyms to cope with post lockdown requirements

People will be presented with an online medical questionnaire which can include questions about COVID-19 Leonie Wileman Premier Software Software like Core by Premier Software will play a vital role in the enforcement of social distancing. To avoid an influx of people arriving at once, members should be asked to book classes or training sessions online. Operators can control the number of slots available within the software to enforce social distancing. For those who wish to avoid a group environment, one-to-one PT sessions may also be offered. Core can also help operators with a range of other stumbling blocks that may occur upon


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reopening. These include membership validity, cancelled memberships and keeping in touch. Using Core’s access control fast track system, operators can monitor membership validity on entry using contactless readers for cards and wristbands. Any clients who have cancelled their membership can easily sign back up online. During this process, they will be presented with a medical questionnaire which can be customised to include questions regarding COVID-19. Operators can also keep members in the loop of restrictions and changes using automated marketing.

Our group class schedule can already accommodate time slots to be planned by the club and booked by members. On top of that, we’re launching a real-time attendance tracking We’re launching feature that integrates with our check-in system. This feature a real-time will not only give club owners attendance and staff members insights into on-site attendance, but can also tracking feature automatically allow or deny access depending on the number that integrates of people currently in the gym. with our visitor Club members can be identified through manual, barcode or RFID registration check in, or through our new mobile in-app QR-code check-in. A member simply opens the app and scans their QR. We’re also working on connecting our booking solution with the customer check-in system, meaning a member can only check in if they’ve booked a time slot at that specific time. Our system allows target groups specific access. This means you could make certain times available for high-risk customers, such as the elderly or people with health conditions. Our industry won’t be the same after the pandemic, and many operators will keep investing in digital. Our solution is perfectly positioned to support this new reality, with live streaming workout videos, virtual trainer workouts, online nutrition coaching, community and challenge features and native online coaching apps.