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S S E N N FUSIO FIT Fitness enthusiasts are on the hunt for new ways to elevate their workouts. Fusion fitness is fitting the bill by making strength training more accessible


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usion fitness combines elements into a single format. Popular examples include ‘Piloxing’, a mix of Pilates and Boxing and the combining of group exercise with cardio and strength training. “Fusion classes combine cardio, strength training, bodyweight movements and mobility,” explains Matt Cottle, master coach at Precor. “They’re accessible and scalable to any member of the gym community and enable members to experience continuous improvement through high-intensity interval training, so they never hit a plateau.” As fusion fitness evolves, it’s becoming tech-driven, in terms of delivery and member experience. This is leading to greater opportunity for interactive, immersive and on-demand workouts, where gym members can combine their favourite equipment and training methods with personalised, engaging content – a fusion of physical and digital. “Technology and content are the present and future of the industry,

creating countless possibilities for fusion-style workouts,” believes Jill Drummond, from Freemotion Fitness. The growing demand for multidiscipline workouts means we’ll see ever more creativity from operators, dreaming up previously unseen combinations of training methods to entice new and existing members through the doors.

What’s causing the boom?

The industry has moved to a more experiential model, largely propelled by Millennials and Gen Z, who value experiences over material assets. “Fusion fitness is adaptable and is especially beneficial for anyone looking to make new friends while they enjoy a multi-discipline workout,” says Marc Edwards, from the Jordan Training Academy. “It’s possible to train every movement pattern in a single session and there’s social interaction and subsequently a feeling of integration.” Another factor is workout efficiency – fusion workouts allow exercisers to


Fusion fitness opens up the opportunity to get creative with a wide range of equipment

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