Health Club Management July 2018

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SMOOTH SERVICE We asked some of the biggest names in health club management software to share their predictions for the future

There are some amazing, pioneering advances happening – facial recognition, self service and the focus on customer outcomes Sean Maguire MD, Legend

What makes you diff erent?

We have a single, purpose-built SaaS platform and we’re putting more of our revenue back into the product than pretty much anyone else, which means a huge, continuous investment in R&D. We work closely with operators and it’s all about engaging with them and developing further ways to help them. Benefits include more powerful automation and helping them reduce the amount of time it takes to complete tasks in areas such as information security and GDPR. Our customers’ success through efficiency equals good business for all.

Tell us about your most recent updates?

We produce a full feature release every six weeks. One recent 84

addition is a powerful new document management function that is available to all our customers through our free upgrades. This allows them to go paperless, including scanning old paper records and enabling consumers to upload their own documents.

What new features are you currently working on?

We’ve developed some fantastic new customer journeys that address each touch point between leisure operators and consumers. It’s about improving a business incrementally by removing friction points and means operators can reach sophisticated standards of digital marketing and e-commerce without having to invest in third-party expertise or in-house specialists. July 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018

If you can get the right product to the right consumer segment, and provide a quality online or app experience – a frictionless journey – then consumers will stay longer and buy more and they’ll tell their friends.

What trends are you observing?

I think the trend for more openness of systems and more dynamism has huge potential for leisure operators. There are some amazing, pioneering advances happening – in facial recognition software, the adoption of self service kiosks and marketing on social media, especially by budget operators. The focus on outcomes for consumers and the standard of data outputs and analysis are also exciting.