Health Club Management July 2018

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Tell us about your background In my early career, health and fitness had been a “side gig”. I come from a family business in the food industry and was always heavily involved in the nutrition side of wellness. You could class me as a fitness “heavy user”; I’ve always been passionate about using functional fitness to get performance gains in sport. I took the plunge professionally into boutique fitness in 2014 after completing an MBA at London Business School and being exposed to the trends in the market in London, New York and Dubai. I took an indoor cycling instructor certification in 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

I love that CycleBar encourages a community while not taking itself too seriously. We want our riders to have a great time while they’re making positive choices for their fitness

How did you come to agree the deal with Xponential Fitness [the company behind CycleBar]? Simply, we just clicked. I travelled over to the company’s new HQ in southern California in February to meet the team at Xponential Fitness. I think Anthony Geisler, John Kersh and Ryan Junk have put together a superb team at both Xponential Fitness and CycleBar. We decided to use CycleBar as a launch platform to open opportunities for the wider Xponential Fitness portfolio [of gym franchises] in the UK.

Tell us about the first club We’re really excited about the You’ve become the master first UK studio. It’s in Embassy franchisor for CycleBar in Gardens in Nine Elms, London. the UK. Why CycleBar? Nine Elms is one of the largest I was in the process of designing urban regeneration projects in an indoor cycling concept for the Chipp plans to use CycleBar as a launch platform for Europe. It’s a superb location UK and came across CycleBar other Xponential Fitness models across the UK near the new US Embassy and as part of my global diligence. Battersea power station, which At that stage, they’d opened 30 Apple plans to use for its new UK HQ. riding classes led by trained CycleStar studios (now 130). I loved the concept We aim to launch late summer. instructors in an immersive CycleTheatre and immediately saw that the values of with professionally engineered audio, the business were a great fit with my What are your plans for video and lighting technology, custom own. I could see the way the company the UK franchise? CycleBeats playlists and CycleStats that was going to develop and decided a deal Growth! The Xponential Fitness business track cycling performance and growth. with CycleBar was a great opportunity to models are designed to work outside You can opt out if stats aren’t your thing. bring the world’s leading indoor cycling the rarefied markets of Manhattan, LA I love that CycleBar encourages a studio brand to the UK. and central London. We know there community while not taking itself too is demand for boutique fitness outside seriously. We want our riders to have a What is CycleBar’s USP? these areas. Xponential’s Club Pilates and great time when they exercise with us, It’s all about the experience, from CycleBar have proven this in the US. We while at the same time, they’re making the inclusive, premium service for all aim to do the same across the UK. positive choices for their fitness. ages and fitness levels, to the fun of 14 July 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018