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MAKING A MARKETPLACE FOR FITNESS PayAsUGym is putting the health and fitness sector at the heart of the online marketplace, enabling them to reach more customers than ever before


he digital sales revolution has been driven by a new form of commerce – the online marketplace, which has been embraced in other sectors by the likes of Zoopla, Just Eat and AirBnB. PayAsUGym is the equivalent for the health & fitness sector and places operators at the heart of this new way of selling, helping them to reach more customers than has ever before been possible. Co-founder Neil Harmsworth explains how PayAsUGym’s new ‘Partner Portal’ enables operators to utilise marketplace data and insight to make the smarter decisions required to excel in a competitive marketplace

PayAsUGym is described as a fitness marketplace rather than an aggregator, how would you explain the difference? An aggregator simply lists the supply-side options, leaving the customer the arduous process of searching for the best option. This is a pretty dated approach in other sectors but is still by far the most widely adopted option in health and fitness. A marketplace is much smarter as it goes a step further by providing two things. Firstly, it proactively helps customers find the right supply more quickly by presenting them with the options which sell the best to people like them. Secondly, it gives operators access to unique, transactional marketplace data to help them make smarter decisions that will improve their proposition and increase their sales, making them more competitive. This approach ensures customers and suppliers find each other as frequently as 42

WHAT IS PAYASUGYM? PayAsUGym is an online fitness marketplace, which helps customers find the right fitness venues for their needs and gives operators the information they require in order to be found more frequently

possible rather than relying on geography or alphabetic listings, with everyone benefiting as a result.

How have you adapted PayAsUGym to make it a more effective marketplace?

On the customer side, we have introduced an algorithm-based ‘smart’ search which is based on a rolling 14-day period of trading data. This means that club listings on our

Co-founder Neil Harmsworth

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site are displayed based on the ability of each venue to make a sale and are a true reflection of current customer demand in that area at all times. On the operator side of the model, we give access to marketplace data to help them make informed decisions that make their business more competitive. For example, the data may say that, on average, these are the right products and prices to offer in your area; these are the sorts of photos you should be displaying; and here’s how you improve based on customer feedback. All of these things have an influence on how you perform within these search results. It’s obviously up to the operator to ultimately decide how they use this unique data, but those that engage the most will see the greatest rewards in terms of new customers and revenue.

What tools have you introduced to help operators?

We’ve created the Partner Portal – an information hub that gives operators the benefit of all the insight that we gain as a marketplace. For example, we can see price points, customer search traffic, demand, feedback – we can see the things that make a sale more likely – and our job as a marketplace is to share that effectively with operators, so the Partner Portal is where we do that. Operators can analyse the actual sales they have made historically, but also the sales that they’ve missed out on to local rivals by not being as competitive as you could be in your local area. It also gives you an idea of the things you might want to consider as a

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Health Club Management July 2016  

Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.

Health Club Management July 2016  

Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.