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Z-ers will need the fitness industry’s support to thrive

The fresh perspective Generation Z brings to the fitness industry is needed to improve inclusivity and services Laura Kavanagh, director, Sports Quest Ltd I was pleased to see a spotlight shone on the importance of Generation Z in the last issue of Health Club Management (Introducing Gen Z, p46). As a former elite female rugby player and young fitness business owner, I’m very aware of the barriers the

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young face, both in sports and business, and I feel certain that actively creating more opportunities for Generation Z will knock down participation barriers and help our industry progress. That’s why I started Sports Quest Ltd, which focuses on engaging the young in physical activity, and does so through fitness, sports, therapy and education. By opening up courses in connection with the YMCA, offering elite academy set ups, providing dynamic educational establishment services, career pathways, therapy and rehabilitation, we want to help Generation Z see the January 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018

wonders of working in the industry. And we’re taking things further by creating higher levels of specialised development through Sports Quest’s sister company Q Gym Ltd – an inclusive gym that focuses on core fitness values and meeting the requirements of people with special educational needs, mental health problems and an array of disabilities. Inclusivity has been the exception rather than the norm until now. However, the

fresh outlook Generation Z is bringing to our industry provides the perfect opportunity for us all to evolve and establish a sector that places all in society on a more level playing field. As a young entrepreneur who employs many Z-ers, I can confidently say that this generation has remarkable ideas that can transform our industry for the better. We now need to create the pathways to help them put these ideas into action.

“ Inclusivity has been the exception rather than the norm until now”


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