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Steve Mellor, owner of AMP Athletic, has installed Myzone to drive his business. We find out how it’s enabling him to deliver great service to his members


n recent years, group training and HIIT have both landed in the top three fitness trends for the year. Why? More and more people are exercising and are craving the sophistication of a studio without losing the attention, care, and community of small group training. Training gyms have already driven great success throughout the United States, but the vision and possibility is only now taking off in the UK.


Steve Mellor, owner of AMP Athletic, says the customer journey of his members is at the heart of his mission. Mellor is redefining the standard for a successful training gym by combining attention to detail that achieves the levels seen in fivestar hotels with the kind of knowledge of anatomy and exercise selection that would be found in a sports rehab operation. “While it’s brilliant to increase the number of people exercising, we have to remember that HIIT should not be the cornerstone of what you do”, he says. “We, as an industry, must get people moving well and moving often before adding speed and complexity to any movement that they carry out. “We do this day in and day out at AMP and our members love the journey they embark on. We ‘start simple’ and only then do we progress at a speed relevant to that person,” says Mellor. There’s an increasing appetite for clubs to provide a high-end service coupled with high end prices. AMP Athletic attributes a great deal of its success to its

“For us, Myzone is the perfect coaching tool when we talk about intensity” Steven Mellor AMP Athletic

AMP Athletic is using Myzone to deliver optimum levels of intensity staff who understand the importance of going the extra mile, paired with the tools of a wearable tech strategy that provides that personal touch members have come to expect. “Myzone is a piece of tech you can install in your club and benefit from instantly,” says Mellor. “For us, Myzone is the perfect coaching tool when we talk about intensity. It helps conceptualise the rate of both actual and perceived work to a member very easily, while also giving the coaches a way to make sure they’re pushing people to the right level at different times during the workout. “We love Myzone and wouldn’t exist without it,” he says. Like many things, opening a gym and immediately installing

a tech strategy like Myzone is great, but ensuring the strategy and the brand continue to thrive takes consistent effort. AMP Athletic is defined by all the hard work and community the members and staff work at tirelessly together. With the right atmosphere and a commitment to achieving fitness goals, people are naturally motivated by each other. As a result, AMP has had a phenomenal first year and with three new facilities on the horizon, they’re on the fast track to helping people live a healthier, more active lifestyle. To find out more, visit: Tel: +44 (0) 115 777 3333 ©Cybertrek 2020 February 2020