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Highlighted health & safety Classes 62% started late 25%

The results showed a direct correlation between mystery shopper score and the intensity of the class OVERALL RANKINGS POS


Four mystery shoppers were used, to help with consistency – three men and one woman. All were young, were experienced fitness class users and they each wore a Myzone belt for every class. Out of the 50 operators we mystery shopped, 17 had the Myzone system. All the classes tested were either HIIT, boxing, circuits or body weight training and all were booked using the means available to general consumers. The biggest section in the mystery shopping process related to the instructor and we can see now how important this is from the Joe Wicks phenomenon; Wicks has a natural warmth and inclusive style that comes down the line, straight to the person doing the class and really resonates with people.


Their engagement scores were high, but there were also areas for improvement and it was clear more can be done to improve instructor orientation with digital. Some were not briefed up to prompt on technique or to share information about the muscle groups being used, while others missed opportunities to extend the connection with consumers by giving shout outs or inviting them to attend future classes. Many did not invite consumers share their experience on social media. If operators are to develop a hybrid offering that includes digital classes alongside their in-house classes, there is a need to review, learn and look at the specialist skills set required by the new breed of instructors that will be involved in delivering the online classes. Lockdown made finding professional environments to film in a difficult challenge for operators. Going forward it would be advisable to consider some basic guidelines about audio, lighting, branded clothing and clean and tidy spaces. The branding of these classes represents a huge opportunity to cement identify with new customers. Before I go into the detail about overall performance, some honourable mentions: Two operators scored over


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1 BOX12 2 David Lloyd Leisure 3 Rowbots 3 Myzone virtual classes 5 Fitness4Less 6 Les Mills 7 Glasgow Life 8 Third Space 9 1Rebel 9 Barnsley Premier 11 Pure Gym 12 Active Luton

Total 93.9% 91.1% 87.8% 87.8% 86.4% 82.5% 81.8% 81.6% 80.0% 80.0% 79.5% 77.3%

Source: Proinsight

90 per cent – BOX12 and David Lloyd Leisure – both performed well across the five sections tested. For context, the average score was 62 per cent across the 50 operators. Third place was tied between Myzone’s own virtual classes and Rowbots, both on 87.8 per cent. The first key finding is one that relates to the inclusion of the Myzone technology in the process. The mystery shoppers wore their belts for every class, not just for the 17 operators that utilise Myzone in their programmes. This turned out to be an inspired move, as it allowed comparison of class intensity using hourly averages in three key metrics; Myzone MEPs, heart rate increase and calories burned. This protocol was underpinned by checking the resting heart rate for comparison. We found a correlation between mystery shopper score and the intensity of the class. Classes in the top quartile had an average intensity of 198 MEPs per hour, while those in the bottom quartile were 142 MEPs per hour.

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