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AUGUST 2020 No 281

32 COVID-19 recovery programmes

58 Which workouts are most popular?

06 Editor’s letter 10 HCM People Silke Frank & Florian Brauer The event director and brand manager of FIBO tell how the trade shows will blend virtual and live events

14 Stuart Perrin

The former COO of Xercise4Less on his new venture – Coach Gyms, and his ambition to open 50 clubs in the UK

16 Mark Tweedie

A third of leisure trusts will face ‘unviability’ in the next six months, says the CEO of Community Leisure UK 6

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20 Special report World United This new global campaign aims to help clubs reactivate paused members by providing a schedule of events, competitions and workouts

24 HCM News

Stay up to date with the latest news in health, fitness and physical activity

32 Talking Point COVID-19 recovery programmes COVID-19 survivors face a long road to recovery. What role can the health and fitness industry play in supporting them? Our experts share their thoughts

38 Rob Copeland, AWRC