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Spinning® classes can create a sense of community that keeps customers coming back

Putting a spin on engagement Precor’s bikes are bringing success to a wide range of different health and fitness operations, from boutiques to trusts. We look at the latest examples


pinning® is a carefully crafted experience, creating a strong following and sense of community. This extends far beyond the ride, helping opertors bring enthusiasts and regular exercisers together. Instructor workshops, charity fundraising, distance challenges and classes aimed at specific groups all combine to keep members coming back for more.


Cat Booker, industry expert and owner of Cat Booker Fitness, comments: “It’s all about making sure the exerciser is engaged and feels part of the community.”

“Once people try a Spinning® class they’re hooked. Then it’s all about creating mini communities within the business” Cat Booker

Booker’s multi-purpose studio has a 50:50 floor split between Spinning ® – featuring 15 Precor Spinner ® bikes – and small group functional training. “Personalisation is important, I want every member to be able to test their power level threshold using SPINPower ®, so we can give them an individual fitness programme, no matter what classes they take,” she says. “Once people try a Spinning® class they’re hooked. Then it’s all about creating mini communities within the business. Sometimes these happen naturally, with enthusiasts becoming friends and meeting up outside of the studio. Twice a year we hold a social to bring everyone together, as well as holding workshops on topics such as nutrition and detoxing etc. “Social media plays a big part in helping members feel part of the wider Spinning ® community. They love it when our instructors go to events and can update them with the latest information.”


Stuart Glover, sports development and facilities manager at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, agrees community involvement is key to member retention. The leisure centre uses Precor Spinner® bikes to support charity fundraising initiatives, actively placing them in public areas where footfall is high,

encouraging gym goers and council staff to engage in distance challenges. Challenges involve ‘travelling’ a specific distance, eg, Lands End to John O’ Groats. An average of 30-50 participants compete, tracking miles and monitoring progress, on the Precor Spinner ® bikes.


Darwen Leisure Centre, a long-time supporter of Spinning®, has invested in 21 Spinner Chrono Power bikes, along with two Spinner ® Ride bikes specifically for the gym floor, to give exercisers a choice if they want a simple jump on and ride session. Richard Brown, leisure, health and wellbeing manager at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council says: “Indoor cycling remains a mainstay group fitness exercise option for customers throughout the Borough, so ensuring that the experience is consistently positive is important. Having the latest technology, mixed with great instructor delivery always has our customers coming back for more. It was easy to choose the Precor Spinner ® Chrono, as it represents a big step forward in terms of design, feel and quality.” Find out more: email: or call 01276 404900

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