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News IHRSA gets gyms at the front of the queue for reopening


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ym sector, as clubs are

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put at the front of the

CEO, Joe Moore, and Newtown

queue for reopening.

Athletic Club Owner, Jim

During a recent press

conference, Donald Trump

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and the White House

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coronavirus task force

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recognised that health clubs

COVID-19 cases reported

are “vital to Americans” and as

within a 14-day period and

a result, they’ve been included

hospitals being able to treat

in phase 1 of reopening with

all cases without crisis care.

Georgia opening in late April.

Moore says IHRSA has

Lobbying from industry

sent a letter of thanks to

body IHRSA contributed

The White House has recognised the importance of fitness

Donald Trump for recognising the importance of fitness,

Trump and this administration

saying: “At a time when the

for recognising that the

public health organisations

health of the nation is under

cornerstone of health is a

to create guidelines for safe

attack by the coronavirus,

physically active population.

operations and that these will

Health clubs and their staff are vital to our nation’s current and future health

the health of all citizens is

“Health clubs, their staff,

be shared openly to support

Joe Moore, IHRSA

integral to the economic and

and their suppliers are vital

social health of the country.

to our nation’s current and

We’re grateful to President

long-term health,” he said.

“IHRSA is working with global

the global industry.” More:

After the pandemic: what will the European fitness sector look like? Club closures, a squeeze

in a squeeze on consumer

on consumer spending and

spending and companies

facilitating social distancing

will be in crisis mode for the

within a gym environment

foreseeable future,” he writes.

are just some of the issues European fitness operators are


likely to face once the COVID19 restrictions begin to lift. In an article published on 20 April, industry veteran and EuropeActive board member Herman Rutgers outlined the new landscape that awaits the sector, once businesses are allowed to reopen their doors.

Gym environments could look very different post-pandemic

“The future of our sector will not be black or white,”

sector you operate in. One

areas: business environment,

Rutgers writes. “Rather, the

thing is for sure; it will not be

operations, consumer

tones of grey it will depend in

business as usual.”

behaviour and suppliers..

which country you are and in what kind of segment of our


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In his report, Rutgers provides predictions in four

“Many countries will be in a recession, resulting

The future will not be black or white. One thing is for sure; it will not be business as usual Herman Rutgers, Europe Active