Health Club Management April 2018

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IMPROVING RETENTION WITH Perfect Gym’s improved management solution takes a new


approach to boosting health club retention rates: using artificial

intelligence (AI) to analyse member data and predict future behaviour


espite the annual surge in new member signups seen every year, most gym newcomers lose focus and motivation after a month or two. While many health clubs try to remedy this problem with new promotions, improved PT-member communication and new studio classes, there’s a highly effective approach that’s often overlooked: an intelligent gym management software system. A multidimensional fitness management solution is vital for customer retention because it allows clubs to:

The software allows clubs to send push notifications to members on- or off-site


Effective member communication requires a good understanding of member preferences and behaviour above all else. Armed with this information, operators can build a successful strategy for keeping members motivated in the long term. To facilitate this goal, Perfect Gym’s

management system generates member datasets, and displays the information on dashboards and in reports that management staff can access and interpret with ease. The system has recently been updated to use machine learning. This approach makes data analysis more interactive, while creating opportunities

● Collect essential data to improve member interactions ● Remind members about their personal goals ● Send push notifications about upcoming classes or promotions ● Send tips that are specific to each member’s goals and fitness interests ● Reward members through a loyalty programme In short, an effective management system enables clubs to actively and consistently interact with customers through personalised campaigns designed with their specific goals in mind. 102

Using an interactive model, Perfect Gym’s management system provides gym managers and owners with an in-depth analysis of their data April 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018