HCM September 2020

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EXCITE LIVE The only fully connected and immersive content experience Welcome to the world of creative fitness, where exercise and fun merge to change the way we train. Technogym is here to inspire you to offer members the best workouts and experience, making sure they have a great time


he way people train is changing, the demand for content and experience has exploded and this is shaping the next evolution of training. Technogym is leading the way with exciting new training experiences delivered through its innovative cardio range, Excite Live. A seven-piece cardio range, Excite Live has revolutionised training, thanks to the Technogym Live platform, which uses artificial intelligence technology and immersive content to give training an advanced level of personalisation. Excite Live is designed around four key pillars – tailored training variety,

connectivity, space-efficiency and sustainability – to offer a meaningful, engaging, and personal training experience.

Tailored training Personalise the experience Technogym Live is the new and advanced digital user interface that empowers Excite consoles. It inspires people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives to achieve results in fun, motivating ways. Using the power of artificial intelligence which is at their fingertips, members have access to all their favourite apps, training stats and preferences all in

Members have access to their favourite apps, training stats and preferences

one place, providing a personalised experience that is as unique as they are. Excite Live offers a new level of personalisation with the Technogym Coach feature, that entices members and captures their attention, while supporting them in achieving their workout goals.

Technogym Sessions Train with the celebs Provide the opportunity for members to enjoy a personalised training experience designed around their personal training goals, while being inspired and motivated by top fitness celebrities and the best master trainers from around the world. Users are put through their paces with the variety of sessions delivering one-to-one encouragement and inspiration throughout, so they get the most from their cardio workout.

Technogym Routines Train anywhere in the world

Exercise is more enjoyable with the captivating HD display


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Excite Live offers Technogym Routines where members can achieve more by stepping out of their comfort zone with advanced HIIT workouts.