Health Club Management September 2019

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WE11 is a disruptive model and is going to cause mayhem in the industry: we’ve flipped the script and given the PTs a fair deal, instead of rinsing them

S A M U N A D K AT WE11: FOUNDER What is the concept of WE11? WE11 offers a network of luxury co-working studios for elite freelance wellness professionals. Our vision is to inspire and support the growth of freelance wellness professionals through the provision of affordable, flexible, community-driven, co-working studios across prime central London sites. Our flagship site has fully equipped gym spaces, two treatment rooms, luxury changing rooms and the WE11 Lounge, which is at the centre of our wellness community. It is a place to grab a bite to eat, or a coffee, a waiting area until the next client arrives, or can be used as an office away from home. Most importantly, it is a place where wellness professionals can network and collaborate with likeminded professionals. With no monthly fixed fees, no commitment and affordable pricing (PTs pay between £20 and £30 per hour to rent the space), we’re disrupting the way in which conventional gyms operate. We aim to facilitate the transition of those who are being tied down by establishments and allow PTs and therapists to operate in an unconventional way, without inflated monthly rent. We’re currently working with a range of wellness professionals, including PTs, running and cycling coaches, yoga and pilates instructors, massage therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths. The facility can accommodate 20 PT sessions and two therapy sessions per hour and as we’re open 15 hours a day, we have good capacity. It’s a win-win for both the PTs and the end-users. The PTs get to keep most of what they charge and the end users don’t have to pay gym fees in order to work with their favourite PT. We want to create a community of wellness professionals, and a space where they 12 September 2019 ©Cybertrek 2019

The facility can accommodate up to 20 personal training sessions at one time, and is open 15 hours a day