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Wattbike AtomX leads the future of indoor cycling, says Richard Baker The world’s most advanced commercial smart bike – the Wattbike AtomX – is designed with cutting edge technology and boasts a feature-filled, high-definition Performance Touchscreen which elevates the user experience. Richard Baker, CEO of Wattbike, explains: “The future of indoor cycling is smart and we’re paving the way with a technologically advanced series of products to suit every Wattbiker’s needs, automatically adjusting resistance for each individual rider to ensure that every pedal revolution is maximised.” The Wattbike Hub “But a smart bike isn’t just about the technology, it’s also about the content,” he says. “The Wattbike Hub, the ‘brain’ of our Wattbike AtomX acts like a coach or personal trainer, providing the rider

with relevant training plans and workouts, while testing performance and analysing training data 24/7, on-demand, at-home or in the gym.” A realistic ride Integrated digital shifters allow riders to switch seamlessly between automatic resistance and gear mode to simulate the most realistic ride an indoor bike has to offer, while the all new climb mode lets riders tackle famous climbs from The Tour de France, the Giro and other races around the world, with smart technology changing the resistance automatically to precisely map the gradient of the virtual ride. Wattbike measures over 40+ performance metrics and displays them live on screen and via the Wattbike Hub app or favourite third-party apps, so people can train their way.

The AtomX smart bike from Wattbike

A brand new, custombuilt electromagnet sets the resistance for the Wattbike AtomX, making it faster and more reactive than ever before, as special sensors read the rider’s data at an industryleading speed of 1,000 times per second, creating unrivalled performance feedback. The Wattbike AtomX has the capability to support every individual to improve their fitness, and overall

Wattbike has a way to quantify, track and improve physical health so we can better protect ourselves against disease Richard Baker

health. In the current climate, people will be more aware of the importance of their health and the strength of their overall immune system than ever before. “COVID-19 has forced everyone to take a look at themselves and address their health.” Baker says. “Thankfully, Wattbike has a way to quantify, track and improve physical health, so we can better protect ourselves against disease, and ultimately live longer.” Fitness testing “We’ve created an easy, accurate test that gives each individual their CRF score to benchmark their health. From this, we can then assign personalised training plans to improve their health and extend their life,” says Baker. l www.wattbike.com

Richard Baker is CEO of Wattbike

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