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Product innovation Liz Terry rounds up the latest product launches in health and fitness

A new device tracks metabolism by analysing breath, explain Michal and Merav Mor


Lumen gives metabolic readings from breath analysis

A new, hand-held, portable device and app has been launched that measures metabolism in real-time by analysing the breath. Lumen gives insights into how the body metabolises fats and carbohydrates by measuring carbon dioxide levels, indicating the type of fuel being used to produce energy. Daily reports give users insights into how the way they eat and exercise impacts their ability to shift efficiently between using fats and carbohydrates as sources of energy. The app also shows how metabolism is affected by

“The only way to test metabolism was in the lab” Michal Mor

sleep, physical activity and nutrition, and then gives personalised meal plans. The aim of Lumen is to enable users to monitor and improve their metabolic health to improve their

Octane will offer new LG screens as an add-on to its CV machines, says Tracey Estes


South Korea-based LG has now also signed its first manufacturing fi tness partner, Octane Fitness. According to Tracey Estes, LG’s fi tness senior account manager, Octane will offer the display as an add-on to select models of its commercial CV machines. “Octane Fitness and LG worked closely together to develop a customised user experience and an interface that provides simple, reliable access to TV programming and offers clients the opportunity to tie the displays into an existing network,” Estes said. fitness-kit.net KEYWORD


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“Octane and LG worked to develop a customised user experience” Tracey Estes

The new LG screen is being used by Octane Fitness


Electronics giant LG has entered the fi tness market with the launch of a new 15-inch touchscreen display created especially for the exercise equipment sector. The 15LU766A display has been designed specifically for fi tness environments by offering higher-thannormal brightness settings and robust protection from liquids and dust – as well as allowing viewing from virtually any angle. A graphical user interface also eliminates the need for channel up and down buttons, allowing exercisers to easily navigate TV programming. LG plans to expand the add-on fi tness line with a 22-inch model later this year.

metabolic flexibility. The product was developed by Michal and Merav Mor, twin sisters with PhDs in physiology, who conceived the idea while training for an Ironman race. “The only way to test metabolism was through an long laboratory process,” says Michal Mor. “Leaving regular people with zero visibility into their metabolic rate and only haphazard ways of improving it.” Lumen was validated in a study by San Francisco State University.