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news ¤100m Lanserhof Sylt project forges ahead towards 2021 launch


In addition to the signature

edical spa brand, Lanserhof Group, is

LANS Med Concept, Lanserhof

growing its footprint,

Sylt will focus on cardiological

with construction

rehabilitation for acute or

underway on the €100m

chronic diseases, such as

(US$116.6m, £90.3m) resort on

COVID-19, as well as treatment

the island of Sylt in Germany.

for respiratory and skin diseases. Guests will be offered an

The destination’s toppingout ceremony took place on

individual, holistic approach and

2 October 2020 and signifies

connection between natural

a milestone in the build.

therapy and high-tech medicine. Located on one of the highest elevations on the islands, the resort will cover 20,000sq m and be complete with 67 guest rooms. Visitors

Lanserhof Sylt will offer a 5,000sq m, wellness facility

will discover a panoramic view of the nearby harbour

Ingenhoven, founder of

and the adjacent landscape

Ingenhoven Architects.

“Architecturally, the special thing about the buildings on

conservation area, against the

According to Ingenhoven,

backdrop of the Wadden Sea.

the design is inspired in part by

have big overhanging reed

the local architecture of Sylt.

roofs, so I said that’s what I

It’s a beautiful island and a very prestigious place

design of Lanserhof Sylt are under the direction of

and a very prestigious

Christoph Ingehoven

Lanserhof architect, Christoph

place,” he told HCM.

The construction and

“It’s a beautiful island

the island of Sylt is that they

want to do in our design.” More: http://lei.sr/9C4F2_H

Coa is the brainchild of co-founders Alexa Meyer




worth of seed funding.

.CO M /A K E X A

classes and one-on-one

therapy, has secured US$3m



studio” and offering live


as an “emotional fitness



new platform, marketed


Mental health gym raises US$3m to create emotional fitness platform

and Dr. Emily Anhalt and provides live, therapist-led

The number of people with mental health challenges is growing

classes designed to bolster mental health through emotional fitness workouts. The interactive group

Coa will initially operate online, but looks to open clubs too

Alexa Meyer

classes are built on Dr. Anhalt’s research-driven

Starting at US$25, the

fitness, Vaneeta Sandhu, will

exponentially in 2020, yet

method on the 7 Traits of

classes follow a proprietary

include both drop-in classes

mental health services

Emotional Fitness and have

“learn, exercise, breakout,

and weekly, ongoing series.

remain unaffordable,” said

been designed to foster a

discuss” framework.

sense of community, while building emotional wellbeing.


The programming, overseen by Coa’s head of emotional

November 2020 ©Cybertrek 2020

“We know the number of

Coa co-founder Alexa Meyer.

people experiencing mental health challenges is growing

More: http://lei.sr/v4J5G_H

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