HCM Issue 9 2021

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Screens display power generated from each piece of equipment, allowing people to compete against each other for kilowatt hours produced


MDL Fitness MDL Marinas – the UK’s largest marina operator – is launching into the health and fitness market – tell us what’s happening We’re creating a new gym chain under the MDL Fitness brand to optimise our land and property holdings and extend the services we offer our existing customers, while reaching new audiences.

It has to be about more than just achieving personal goals – it’s about being able to hold your customers’ attention and ensure they have a connection with the values you as an operator hold. MDL Fitness is all about making fitness sustainable and as straightforward as possible. It’s about helping people appreciate new environments they may not have been lucky enough to experience before and ensuring they’re open to people, no matter their personal circumstance.

What’s the philosophy behind the new brand? For operators to bounce back and continue to grow from the golden age we were in back in 2019, we all need to provide more than just health clubs, pools or gyms. We must all ensure the experiences we provide tap into the belief systems and ‘wants’ people now have.


The fi rst MDL gym is sited at the marina in Plymouth


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What synergies do you see between the different elements of the business? People are at the centre of everything we do. The more activity we can drive the better people feel and the more profit we make. Everybody wins. Tell us about the first location The first gym, at our marina in Queen Anne’s Battery, Plymouth, has a mix of different types of equipment, where most are capable of converting energy expended by the user into electricity to supplement the building’s power supply. I chose SA Green Fitness – the UK agent for power-generating equipment line, SportsArt – as our equipment supplier, to ensure each workout reduces our carbon footprint, while lowering power consumption at the facility.