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Hour long classes at Body Hub are choreographed to music

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eople like running because it’s such a good way of burning fat, but many find it monotonous. The feedback we’re getting is that people who hate running love our running classes because they’re so varied,” says Stefan Quirk, owner of Cheshirebased boutique indoor bootcamp, Body Hub. “However, it’s an intense workout. I’ve had people who have had to go and throw up during the class.” The studio runs two different classes on its TRX suspension trainers and Skillrun treadmills. One is purely treadmill-based and the other is a bootcamp, incorporating treadmill and TRX.

People who hate running love our running classes because they’re so varied

Stefan Quirk

“These treadmills offer the opportunity to use the treadmill in a number of ways – sprints, uphill walks, parachute running and sled push, so our hourlong class uses a mix of these, choreographed to music,” says Quirk. “I have a background of teaching spin classes, so I’ve incorporated elements of that into the class – the variety of exercises and the choreography marrying up to the music.” Quirk says the treadmill classes appeal mainly to young professionals who are taking their fitness seriously and prepared to pay between £10 and £15 for a class. He expects the enthusiasm for running to continue, but to stay injury-free recommends everyone invests in decent trainers and has their gait analysed. photo: Body Hub

Treadmill classes appeal mainly to young professionals at Body Hub 90

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